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2012 Bad Boy Buggies

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As Low As $10,295

Bad Boy Classic

Step up to the rugged power of full-time electric 4WD with the Bad Boy Classic. Even with a 1,200-lb towing capacity, two powerful drive motors and a host of features, it runs quiet enough to give you the drop on whatever you're after. With a rear flip seat, built-in cargo rack and the ability to comfortably seat up to four hunters, the classic delivers the versatility you need to get in the game.



As Low As $13,904

Bad Boy XTO

The XTO is as ready to haul in a trophy buck as you are. It boasts full-time 4WD, 1,500-lb towing capacity and aggressive tread tires that let you take on any terrain without breaking a sweat. The torque has been cranked up on new models with a robust  48-volt electric powertrain. Also added is an advanced 4-wheel independent suspension. The XTO is not just a new vehicle. It is a new way to go hunting.



As Low As $7,209

Bad Boy LT

​For lighter trail riding, hit the road with the Bad Boy LT. The electric-drive LT features whisper-quiet 2WD and a compact frame for easy maneuverability. But don't let the size fool you. Its rear seat can comfortably seat two additional passengers or convert to a cargo deck with a capacity of 400 lbs.



As Low As $8,044

Bad Boy LTO

Go the distance with the 2WD Bad Boy LTO - The only sport series vehicle available with a gas engine for extended range. You can also opt for a 48-volt electric model for stealthy operation. Each model features an 800-lb. total capacity, seating for four and a rear-facing seat that converts to a spacious cargo deck for maximum flexibility.



As Low As $6,859

Bad Boy LD

Some people look for an easier way. A work-around. Not here. Every vehicle with the Bad Boy Buggies emblem was built to work right through whatever you can throw at it. Even the more agile 2WD  LD boasts up to 500 lbs of payload capacity and allows you to quickly get around your property for small chores and quick transportation. Available in both gas and electric models, the LD puts trusted Bad Boy reliability to work in a smaller package that doesn't quit until long after the job is done.



As Low As $8,043

Bad Boy HD

Nobody likes an enabler. Unless it enables you to get more work done. That's just what the Bad Boy HD brings to the table, with a 9.6-cubic-ft cargo bed and a rear hitch receiver to haul feed or tow impliments all over your property. It also features a choice of a 48-volt DC electric powertrain or a high-torque 13HP Kawasaki gas engine to deliver the power to handle the task at hand. With more than 5 inches of ground clearance and plenty of hauling capacity, this 2WD beast makes short work of the dirty work.



As Low As $12,874

Bad Boy XD

There's a huge pile of brush to clear. A couple dozen hay bales to transport. And that mountain of dirt ain't gonna move itself. So you better have a work vehicle with a no-nonsense 22HP, 3-cylinder OHV diesel engine, 4-wheel independent suspension, user-selectable 4WD and a 1,600-lb payload. Plus, full rollover protection, 3-point seat belts and a 12-volt accessory outlet wouldn't hurt either. In that case, meet the Bad Boy XD, the vehicle designed to look a hard day's work straight in the eye and proclaim "Bring it on."